Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions that we have tried to answer as thoroughly as possible. If, however, you have a question not listed on this page, please feel free to get in touch…

What you feed your mind is very important, and a poorly scripted subliminal recording can do more harm than good. Unfortunately, it is now possible for anyone to purchase subliminal recording software and develop CD’s to sell to the general public, and during our research into the subliminal marketplace, we discovered a shocking amount of well-meaning products with really quite horrifying scripts on offer.

Not only that, but certain subliminal software packages even come pre-installed with what can only be described as appalling, and dare we say it, often dangerous scripts for consumers to use in their own recordings. For example, one piece of software features the line, “You will not get Cancer”. Now, at first glance that statement may look fine, but when we consider that the Unconscious Mind does not process negatives (i.e. words such as “can’t”, “not” etc) the line suddenly reads, “You will get Cancer”! As worrying as this may be, it is true, and is just one example of how this technology can do more harm than good when in the hands of an untrained person.

With Perfect Subliminal, however, you can rest assured that you are always in safe hands because all of our products are scripted and recorded by professionally qualified and experienced hypnotherapists. In fact, the company was founded by a husband and wife team who also launched their own professionally accredited hypnotherapy training school in 2007. Since then, the couple have spent much of their time designing and developing Perfect Subliminal’s product catalogue in order to increase their services far beyond the reach of their own physical presence.

Our individual products are usually made up of three tracks which are brought together to create one powerful product. Each audio features a professionally scripted and structured “Main Session”, which is usually followed by a “10 Minute Top-Up” track (for use between main listening sessions) and a “Silent Reinforcement” track that can be used virtually anywhere and at any time, as long as there is an internet connection.

The “Main Session” consists of the following key elements: 

1) A relaxing soundscape (selected from “Seaside Gardens”, “Zen Gardens” and “Rainforest Retreats”) with each one having been finely tuned to help the brain create new positive neural pathways by distinguishing subtle differences between each product
 2) An effectively structured and powerfully scripted clinical hypnotherapy session, recorded in real time by both male and female therapists, then multi-layered into this recording at different volumes and at varying subliminal frequencies (virtually inaudible to human ears!) 
3) Supporting subliminal messages (reversed and panned left/right for stereo confusion)
 4) Binaural Beats (brainwave technology) to gently guide the brain into a highly receptive state, and in accordance with the session structure 
5) An intro & outro “Hypno Jingle” (a powerful musical “anchor”, uniquely written and recorded for each individual product).

Additionally, each product comes with instructions, hints and tips, and a customizable “Statement Of Intent” to help focus your conscious intention and establish valuable contact with your Unconscious Mind – the unlimited and most powerful part of your mind. This statement uses certain key words which are referenced in the recordings, increasing the overall impact of each listening session.

Instead of taking the usual approach of embedding various looped affirmations within a generic recording, we chose to create products which give our customers unlimited access to their very own subliminal clinical hypnotherapy session – one that has been lovingly crafted and carefully structured to become more and more powerful with each and every listen. Not only that, but the majority of our titles also come with additional supporting tracks (usually in the form of a “10 Minute Top-Up” and a “Silent Reinforcement” track).

Through the use of correctly structured advanced hypnotic language alone, this approach proves far more effective than the usual approach, which (although still effective if done correctly) only taps into a fraction of what can be achieved with subliminal technology.

At Perfect Subliminal, we keep our attention on quality, not quantity. Our approach to the creation of a product takes careful planning, followed by many hours of development. It would be reasonably quick and easy for us to make several hundred recordings (each one consisting of a single repeated loop), but that approach would give us very little personal satisfaction. We much prefer to have a more compact and powerful catalogue for our customers to enjoy – as oppose to huge catalogue which aims to tackle every problem under the sun!

As it happens, our product range is designed to cater for the majority of issues faced by the majority of our customers. Over the years, we have found that with our hypnotherapy clients, most problems seem to stem from only a handful of “root” causes. Therefore, instead of focusing solely on fixing a specific thing, our products aim to help with the “obvious” surface issue by addressing the root cause. This approach proves very effective, and increases overall well-being for the listener.

Additionally, we feel that wherever possible, a product should be designed to be flexible and serve our customers for the rest of their lives. For example, instead of creating individual products to learn specific things, we chose to create one powerful product (Super Learning) which can be used to assist in the learning of virtually anything, and at any point in the future!

We use subliminal technology to take our recorded voices beyond the threshold of human hearing. This technology helps to bypass conscious interference, which is useful should you wish to achieve quick and effective results. As an example of conscious interference, imagine being told that you feel energized and fully alert, while you do in fact feel very tired. Using the reasoning faculty in your conscious mind, you would most likely begin to question the validity of such a statement and soon find yourself mentally at war with what is being suggested. Obviously, you would receive absolutely no benefit from such an experience!

However, if you couldn’t hear the words consciously, they would sink straight into your Unconscious Mind without question. The Unconscious Mind (also called the Subconscious) is the most spectacular part of your mind in that it not only sustains the life of your body, but also stores everything from the image you hold of yourself to your beliefs, memories and habits. It has absolutely no ability to reject any idea or suggestion given to it, and as such, can facilitate great change when accessed for therapeutic and self-development purposes.

During hypnosis, the Unconscious Mind is accessed through “trance work” while positive suggestions are used to address certain issues. The real benefit to using subliminal technology is that you do not need to be hypnotized or in a trance state to make positive changes in your life. With our silent subliminal recordings for example, you are free to simply go about your daily business while saturating your Unconscious Mind with positive statements. Subliminal audios do take longer to work than hypnosis, but changes can be evident in only a few days if used regularly and consistently.

Although powerful in its own right, the majority of our products do not rely solely on subliminal technology; instead, our voices are still audible (although at a very low volume) and subliminal frequencies are over-layered at higher volume for much more impact – a unique approach which proves very effective indeed!

With that said, however, there is still plenty of scientific evidence to show that subliminal technology is effective in itself, and to this day, subliminal messages are commonly played in shops to discourage shoplifting. Additionally, the use of subliminal messages in advertising is banned in most countries, and of course, there are many thousands of people around the world, including some of the world’s leading self-help gurus (as well as high profile names such as Celine Dion, Tiger Woods and Steven Spielberg) who can vouch for the positive changes that have taken place in their lives after using subliminal recordings.

Binaural Beats were first discovered by physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove back in 1839. He discovered that when two different frequencies are sent separately to each ear, the brain picks up the difference between both frequencies and attempts to compensate for the difference.

As a result, the brain creates its own frequency; a Binaural Beat, which is equal to the difference between the two separate frequencies. For example, if a frequency of 110 Hz is played in the left ear, while a frequency of 115 Hz is played in the right ear, the brain will create its own “third” frequency of 5 Hz; the difference between both frequencies.

In short, the brain is able to resonate with that “third” frequency, and in the case of our recordings, is able to access incredible states of learning and deep meditative relaxation.

All of our individual products are structured to complement one another, so yes, you may work with several products at a time. For best results, however, we recommend working with no more than 3 or 4 products at a time – otherwise, you might find it difficult to keep up with your listening commitments. If you want to work with two products, i.e. Success! and Money Magnet, but don’t have the time to fit two main listening sessions into a day, it might be a good idea to alternate days between the “Main Session” and “10 Minute Top-Up”.

For example, on Monday morning you could listen to the Success! “Main Session” and perhaps support that action by playing the Success! “Silent Reinforcement” track on repeat throughout the day. Later that night, and preferably just before going to sleep, you could then listen to the Money Magnet “10 Minute Top-Up”. On Tuesday morning, you could then listen to the Money Magnet “Main Session” and perhaps support that action by playing the Money Magnet “Silent Reinforcement” track on repeat throughout the day. Later that night, and preferably just before going to sleep, you could then listen to the Success! “10 Minute Top-Up” followed by Success! “Main Session” the following morning..and so on.

The idea is to try and maintain exposure to each product every day until you get the results you want. Find a structure that works for you, and most importantly, be easy on yourself. If a day seems too hectic to even consider relaxing for 10 minutes, you can always use the “Silent Reinforcement” tracks to keep you topped up!

This depends on many factors, including your desire for change, your discipline to use the recordings, and your ability to relax and allow changes to occur. Many customers report changes in as little as a week, some within 2 to 3 weeks and others a little longer. As long as you state your intention for listening before each session, and do so in a positive and cheerful attitude, it is only a matter of time before you will notice changes.

Where permanent changes are sought, we recommend using a product every day (without any days off) for a minimum of 30 days. This is roughly the time it takes for the brain to rewire itself, or to put it more plainly, to adapt to new patterns of thought and/or behavior.

If, however, you have been using a product for some time and still haven’t noticed any changes – don’t give up! Instead, try changing the time and location of your listening sessions to see if that helps; sometimes, certain places (i.e. a favorite old armchair or a warm comfortable bed) can trigger certain physiological responses which can delay progress.

Not at all, although if you do ever have the urge for a listening session (or at least to use the “Silent Reinforcement” track) it is probably your Unconscious Mind telling you it needs a boost. In that case, resume listening until you feel it is no longer necessary to do so.

Perfect Subliminal do not use affirmations in the conventional sense. Our products are dual scripted and carefully structured by experienced hypnotherapists, and we do not publish them online due to copyright and length.

In truth, our recordings have little in common with any other subliminal recording (aside from similar use of technology) and in our opinion, and the opinion of many satisfied customers from around the world, prove far more effective.

If you do like to say affirmations throughout your day, there are usually some printed in the Hints and Tips section of each booklet which can prove most useful when used alongside the product. Aside from those, affirmations are only one small aspect of our overall approach.

It’s easy. For just $12.99 per month you get online access to our catalogue + exclusive members only titles. Your membership can be cancelled at any time and all recurring payments are securely handled by PayPal. More details can be found in our Members FAQ section.

Worldwide delivery is FREE and for your convenience, all CD titles are provided with a FREE MP3 version which is available to download immediately after purchase. In other words, there’s no waiting around for your product to arrive and you can get started right away!

All orders are currently shipping from the USA and are usually dispatched within 1-2 working days. Delivery times can vary, but tend to be as follows: USA (2-3 days average, 2 weeks max), OVERSEAS (5-10 days, 4 weeks max).

Please note: Overseas buyers, please be aware that there may be import tax to pay upon delivery of CDs. Additionally, we do not post to PO Boxes.

As part of our ongoing commitment to the environment, our individual products are minimally packaged in clear sleeves rather than bulky, non-environmentally friendly plastic cases.

Additionally, all of our CD’s are professionally manufactured using Taiyo Yuden CD-R’s (commonly referred to as the best CD-R’s in the world). We choose this process (known as the “duplication process”) over the much more cost-effective, but far less environmentally friendly “replication process” used to manufacture commercial CD’s.

The reason we choose “duplication” over “replication” is because the latter consists of many lengthy processes, even before the disc is ready to be printed on. These include the following:

1) The creation of a “glass master” 2) A galvanic process to create nickel “stampers” from the glass. These “stampers” are then loaded onto a replication line and CD copies are replicated by pressing the stamper into liquid Polycarbonate, which is then molded to the shape of the CD 3) Once the discs are pressed, they then need to be “metallized”, lacquered and UV cured, until eventually, they are ready to be printed directly to the surface of the silver discs 4) Printing, usually Litho or Silk Screen, is also a lengthy process.

By choosing “duplication” over “replication” we avoid all of the above energy-hungry processes, and are quickly and easily able to produce short runs of each product. Also, it is a well known fact within the CD manufacturing industry that in reality, as long as high-end CD-R’s are used for “duplication”, there is very little difference between a finished “replicated” disc and a “duplicated” disc.

Of course, our packaging etc is likely to change as we discover more and more eco-friendly options.

Our digital products have been compressed into “zip files” and will need extracting after downloading…


PC users: There are many ways to open zip files on PC, and unless you already have decompression software installed, we recommend downloading and installing a free program called “7-Zip” from to help out. After downloading your purchased product – which, unless you specify a destination, will likely be saved in the “Downloads” folder, which can be found in the “Documents” folder of your user directory (selectable from the Start Menu) – simply right-click the zip file and select “Extract” from the 7-Zip menu. Choose a destination (i.e. Desktop) and click OK to extract the product folder.

Mac users: After downloading your purchased product, simply double click the zip file to extract the folder, or use a free decompression program to open the files – there are many to choose from, including “The Unarchiver” (see for more info).

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