Imagine if you could begin every day feeling cheerful, positive and full of energy, then enjoy deep, restful sleep every night… Well, with this fabulous “bedside table product”, you can do just that!

• Bring a new and powerful cycle of well-being into your life
• Each morning, wake up feeling fully refreshed and energized
• Begin each day feeling happy and full of positive expectation
• Easily let go of the day and drift gently off to sleep at night
• Each night, program your mind for another great day tomorrow!


The concept is simple, but the potential is incredible! By sandwiching sleep with these powerfully scripted and structured recordings – i.e. listen/sleep/listen – you can create a powerful pattern of goodness in your life.

By starting each day feeling happy, and with a head full of positive expectation, you really can change the course of your life. Not only that, but by developing the ability to relax and let go of each day before you sleep at night, you can also enjoy dramatic improvements in your health. Simply keep “A.M./P.M.” at your bedside, use every morning to energize, and every night as a natural sleep aid for a minimum of one month, and you’ll be amazed by the positive changes in the way you think, feel and act…

This product includes three tracks: 1. “Good Morning” (an eleven minute track designed to help you wake up feeling energized and ready for the day ahead) 2. “Good Night” (a thirteen minute subliminal sleep track designed to help you wind-down and melt away any cares before going to sleep at night) 3. “Dream Waves” (an innovative thirty minute track which uses Binaural Beats and relaxing ocean sounds to help you drift gently off into a deep, relaxing sleep). Also includes a mini instruction booklet, featuring extensive FAQ’s and bonus professional hints and tips.

Please note: In some cases, initial exposure to this product can temporarily cause further disturbance in your sleep patterns – this is a good sign that your mind is responding to the subliminal suggestions and usually wears off within the first week of use.