Business Booster

Improve all aspects of your business through the use of cutting edge
silent subliminals, designed to be played in the workplace…

• Create a “feel good environment” at work, at home or even in the car!
• Increase sales by invoking feelings of well-being in prospective buyers
• Improve business productivity; bring out the best in your workforce
• Increase employee motivation, improve team morale, hit sales targets
• Solve problems quicker and organize activities more efficiently
• Be a powerful leader – face challenges in a calm and cheerful manner


This groundbreaking business improvement product is the first of its kind, and has been professionally put together to help your business grow and thrive in an age when work-related stress seems to be at an all time high. Through the use of correctly written hypnotic language and subliminal technology, this set can help to create a more positive working environment, boost sales, improve team morale, motivate an entire workforce and so much more… Whatever the size or nature of your business, “Business Booster” can help!

How can I use subliminal technology in my business?
By simply inserting one of the CD’s into a CD player or computer, turning up the volume (don’t worry, the recordings are virtually silent!) and playing on repeat throughout the working day; even if there is additional music or background noise. In only a short time, perhaps even in as little as a week, you could be enjoying the benefits of a more productive, positive working environment. Don’t take our word for it, give it a try!

What exactly do I get when I purchase “Business Booster”?
The product comes packaged in a sturdy DVD style case, complete with mini instruction booklet and 5 CD’s. Each CD has a running time of around 60 minutes and features four unique, silent tracks. The full set includes:

CD 1 – “The Feel Good Environment”
This CD helps to create an atmosphere of well-being for customers and staff. No matter where you play this recording (in the workplace or even at home) you’ll soon be enjoying a more pleasant atmosphere!

CD 2 – “The Sales Increaser”
By invoking feelings of confidence, well-being and prosperity in prospective buyers, this CD can certainly help to increase sales, particularly in the shop/retail environment.

CD 3 – “The Invincible Workforce”
This CD is particularly powerful and is designed to help bring out the best in your workforce. The recordings are structured in such a way that you will soon notice an increase in positivity, punctuality and overall efficiency.

CD 4 – “The Sales Team Booster”
As the title implies, this CD is designed with the sales team in mind. When played continually, for example in sales based call centers, the recordings on this CD will help sales teams hit their targets, improve morale and increase motivation.

CD 5 – “The Management De-Stresser”
Whether you’re a manager of five hundred people, or a sole trader, this CD will help you solve problems fast, organize activities more efficiently and face challenges in a calm and cheerful manner. We believe this CD alone is invaluable to any business owner.

Of course, “Business Booster” is also available as a digital download (featuring high quality MP3’s and pdf instructions).

Is it legal or even ethical to play subliminal messages in public?
The use of this product is completely legal, and although there are certain restrictions on the use of subliminal technology in advertising, there are no laws against playing positive subliminal recordings in public places – and rightly so! As previously mentioned, Perfect Subliminal is run by professional clinical hypnotherapists who have helped many people on a one-to-one basis, all the while, adhering to a strict code of ethics.

What should be understood, is that just like with hypnosis, subliminal messages cannot influence a person to act or think in a certain way unless he or she has at least some degree of conscious desire to do so.

Will “Business Booster” really increase my sales?
As with all matters of the mind, intention is really the key. If, in the highly unlikely scenario, someone selling a badly made product at a ridiculously high price purchased “Business Booster” with the intention of fooling customers into buying it, he or she would soon be disappointed with the investment. However, for any business selling good quality products at good value, “Business Booster” would soon prove itself to be a powerful ally!

Where quality and value are present, the use of “Business Booster” will ethically ensure that quality and value are noticed by your customers. Rather that taking a “BUY IT – BUY IT – BUY IT” approach, the “Sales Increaser” for example, helps to cultivate feelings of well-being and increase for all involved; which leads to an increase in service and ultimately, an increase in sales.

For more info on how our products work, see our FAQ page.