Do your CD’s come in plastic cases like those sold in record stores?

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As part of our ongoing commitment to the environment, our individual products are minimally packaged in clear sleeves rather than bulky, non-environmentally friendly plastic cases.

Additionally, all of our CD’s are professionally manufactured using Taiyo Yuden CD-R’s (commonly referred to as the best CD-R’s in the world). We choose this process (known as the “duplication process”) over the much more cost-effective, but far less environmentally friendly “replication process” used to manufacture commercial CD’s.

The reason we choose “duplication” over “replication” is because the latter consists of many lengthy processes, even before the disc is ready to be printed on. These include the following:

1) The creation of a “glass master” 2) A galvanic process to create nickel “stampers” from the glass. These “stampers” are then loaded onto a replication line and CD copies are replicated by pressing the stamper into liquid Polycarbonate, which is then molded to the shape of the CD 3) Once the discs are pressed, they then need to be “metallized”, lacquered and UV cured, until eventually, they are ready to be printed directly to the surface of the silver discs 4) Printing, usually Litho or Silk Screen, is also a lengthy process.

By choosing “duplication” over “replication” we avoid all of the above energy-hungry processes, and are quickly and easily able to produce short runs of each product. Also, it is a well known fact within the CD manufacturing industry that in reality, as long as high-end CD-R’s are used for “duplication”, there is very little difference between a finished “replicated” disc and a “duplicated” disc.

Of course, our packaging etc is likely to change as we discover more and more eco-friendly options.