What exactly makes up a Perfect Subliminal product?

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Our individual products are usually made up of three tracks which are brought together to create one powerful product. Each audio features a professionally scripted and structured “Main Session”, which is usually followed by a “10 Minute Top-Up” track (for use between main listening sessions) and a “Silent Reinforcement” track that can be used virtually anywhere and at any time, as long as there is an internet connection.

The “Main Session” consists of the following key elements: 

1) A relaxing soundscape (selected from “Seaside Gardens”, “Zen Gardens” and “Rainforest Retreats”) with each one having been finely tuned to help the brain create new positive neural pathways by distinguishing subtle differences between each product
 2) An effectively structured and powerfully scripted clinical hypnotherapy session, recorded in real time by both male and female therapists, then multi-layered into this recording at different volumes and at varying subliminal frequencies (virtually inaudible to human ears!) 
3) Supporting subliminal messages (reversed and panned left/right for stereo confusion)
 4) Binaural Beats (brainwave technology) to gently guide the brain into a highly receptive state, and in accordance with the session structure 
5) An intro & outro “Hypno Jingle” (a powerful musical “anchor”, uniquely written and recorded for each individual product).

Additionally, each product comes with instructions, hints and tips, and a customizable “Statement Of Intent” to help focus your conscious intention and establish valuable contact with your Unconscious Mind – the unlimited and most powerful part of your mind. This statement uses certain key words which are referenced in the recordings, increasing the overall impact of each listening session.