What is subliminal technology and is it anything like hypnosis?

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We use subliminal technology to take our recorded voices beyond the threshold of human hearing. This technology helps to bypass conscious interference, which is useful should you wish to achieve quick and effective results. As an example of conscious interference, imagine being told that you feel energized and fully alert, while you do in fact feel very tired. Using the reasoning faculty in your conscious mind, you would most likely begin to question the validity of such a statement and soon find yourself mentally at war with what is being suggested. Obviously, you would receive absolutely no benefit from such an experience!

However, if you couldn’t hear the words consciously, they would sink straight into your Unconscious Mind without question. The Unconscious Mind (also called the Subconscious) is the most spectacular part of your mind in that it not only sustains the life of your body, but also stores everything from the image you hold of yourself to your beliefs, memories and habits. It has absolutely no ability to reject any idea or suggestion given to it, and as such, can facilitate great change when accessed for therapeutic and self-development purposes.

During hypnosis, the Unconscious Mind is accessed through “trance work” while positive suggestions are used to address certain issues. The real benefit to using subliminal technology is that you do not need to be hypnotized or in a trance state to make positive changes in your life. With our silent subliminal recordings for example, you are free to simply go about your daily business while saturating your Unconscious Mind with positive statements. Subliminal audios do take longer to work than hypnosis, but changes can be evident in only a few days if used regularly and consistently.