Forgiveness & Letting Go

Learn to forgive… It could well be the healthiest thing you’ll ever do, and perhaps one of the kindest things you can do for yourself and others…

• Become a more forgiving person – easily forgive others, and yourself
• Free yourself from old emotions – learn to let go of the past
• Get on with life, live in the present and look toward a brighter future
• Rid yourself of all guilt and resentment – learn to think well of others
• Feel better about yourself; feel at ease, and worthy of all goodness
• Set yourself free – take control of your feelings, and your life


All forgiveness is really self-forgiveness. In the Buddhist tradition, it is said that blame and unforgivingness can be likened to holding a piece of hot coal; all the while, intending to throw it at someone else. Ultimately, you are the one who gets the most burnt!

Learning to forgive then, is vitally important, not only to our spiritual growth, but to our health and well-being. In fact, many top doctors and leading scientists agree that unforgivingness and suppressed emotion can play a large part in the causation of serious illness…

With this in mind, it is definitely a good idea to consider using “Forgiveness & Letting Go” to help you let go of the past, and to learn to forgive. Whether that means to forgive yourself, or to forgive someone else – it is you who will benefit.

This product includes a “Main Session”, a convenient “10 Minute Top-Up” (for use between main listening sessions) and a “Silent Reinforcement” track for use virtually anywhere, and at any time. It also comes with a mini-booklet which features extensive FAQ’s, bonus professional hints and tips, and two powerful “Intention Statements” for use before each listening session – one to help you become a more forgiving person in general, the other to help you forgive yourself or someone else in particular.