Ultimate Performance

Do you have an upcoming important event or exam and need to perform at your best? Whether you are an entertainer, a student, an entrepreneur or sports-person, “Ultimate Performance” can help you…

• Gain more confidence in your talents and abilities
• Focus more – get the most out of your training, rehearsals or studies
• Be totally prepared – expect the best from yourself and the event
• Be calm and completely in control
• Trust in yourself to perform well
• Feel healthy, energized and alert
• Focus solely on your own performance, not on what others are doing


Preparing for a competition or big event is not just about rehearsing, revising or practicing. With just a little research, you will find that many top athletes and performers spend plenty of time visualizing beforehand; preparing themselves mentally, not just physically…

Did you know that the brain cannot differentiate between a “real” scenario and an imagined scenario? For example, if a person vividly imagines swimming underwater, the brain responds exactly as if the person were actually swimming underwater – firing exactly the same muscles in exactly the same sequence.

Michael Jordan famously spoke of how he wouldn’t take a shot in basketball without visualizing the ball going through the hoop first, and Jack Nicklaus also openly talked about how he would play an entire game of golf in his mind before even picking up a golf club.

Under normal circumstances, until the actual event is upon us, we can never really be sure just how much of an impact our nerves and feelings of stress will have on our performance. Therefore, while you practice and prepare to be at your best, use this powerful audio, and be sure to give the ultimate performance…

This product includes a “Main Session”, a convenient “10 Minute Top-Up” (for use between main listening sessions) and a “Silent Reinforcement” track for use virtually anywhere, and at any time. It also comes with a mini-booklet which features extensive FAQ’s, bonus professional hints and tips, and a powerful “Statement Of Intent” for use before each listening session.