Deep Sleep

Do you suffer from insomnia? Or do you simply have trouble sleeping? If so, use this powerful and natural sleep aid to help you enjoy deep, restful sleep every night…

• Train your mind to relax more fully
• Cure insomnia and fix broken sleep patterns
• Drift off to sleep more easily – learn to let go of the day
• Feel more at ease – feel safe and secure
• Sleep more deeply – make shallow sleep a thing of the past!
• Wake up fully rested after a good night’s sleep


For many reasons, people can find it difficult to fall to sleep at night – insomnia effects people in varying degrees, but it can be very distressing and have a negative and stressful impact the next day. For some, shallow sleep can cause problems, while for others, feeling safe and secure while in bed at night can be a real issue…

Whatever the problem, listen to “Deep Sleep” and train your mind to enjoy that deep, restful and revitalizing sleep – which up until now – you’ve only been trying to dream of!

This product includes three tracks: 1. “Main Session” (to help prepare your mind and body for deep sleep, every night) 2. “Deeper Sleep” (continuing on from where track one leaves off – this track uses Binaural Beats and relaxing ocean sounds to gently encourage the brain into deeper sleep) 3. “Silent Night” (a convenient recording which can be played on repeat while you sleep, with or without headphones).

Also includes a mini-booklet featuring extensive FAQ’s, bonus professional hints and tips, and two powerful “Intention Statements” for use before each listening session – one for general use (i.e. if you simply wish to improve your overall sleep), the other to help you enjoy deep sleep within a specified time period (i.e. if you work unsociable hours and need to sleep at unusual hours).

Please note: In some cases, initial exposure to this product can temporarily cause further disturbance in your sleep patterns – this is a good sign that your mind is responding to the subliminal suggestions and usually wears off within the first week of use.