Self Esteem

Boost your self esteem with this powerful audio; eliminate the limiting beliefs about yourself, unleash your true potential and start living life to the full…

• Feel better about yourself
• Boost your confidence quickly and easily
• Have the self-assurance to express yourself freely
• Become more self-reliant; take your power back!
• Learn to love and appreciate yourself
• Let go of the past and step boldly toward a brighter future


We can all benefit from a bit of a confidence boost now and then – whether it’s to prepare for an upcoming event, to meet that special someone, or to cope with a change in our circumstances.

But do you feel a general lack in self-confidence? Do you allow others to make you feel unworthy or unappreciated? Or perhaps even allow negative self-talk and limiting beliefs stop you doing all the things you really want to do?

If so, listen to “Self Esteem” – the ultimate subliminal hypnosis confidence booster – and make lasting changes in your life!

The image you hold of yourself is dictating the kind of life experiences you are having – and are yet to have – so if things aren’t going too well, or you just don’t seem to have the confidence to do something, STOP NOW AND TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE!!!

We’re sorry to raise our text at you, but life is too short to fall victim to limited thinking. When you consider just how precious life is, and how phenomenal you are as a human being, it really is much easier to move confidently forward in life…

With “Self Esteem”, that’s exactly what you’ll learn to do! Not only that, but in addition to the benefits listed above, you will also learn to quickly take control of your feelings, cope much better with change, believe in yourself (and in others) and Feel worthy to live the life you deserve – the life of your dreams!

This product includes a “Main Session”, a convenient “10 Minute Top-Up” (for use between main listening sessions) and a “Silent Reinforcement” track for use virtually anywhere, and at any time. It also comes with a mini-booklet which features extensive FAQ’s, bonus professional hints and tips, and two powerful “Intention Statements” for use before each listening session – one for an overall increase in self-esteem, the other to help increase confidence in a specific area of your life.